Edinburgh: 5 ugers fængsel for at bruge sin ytringsfrihed om islam

In June this year, an Edinburgh man, Graham Evans was arrested for painting the words ‘Islam is questionable’ on his house.

Ten police officers turned up to arrest him on a charge of ‘breach of the peace’.

The words painted on his house had apparently ‘alarmed’ and ‘distressed’ the ‘community’.

An Inspector at Dunfermline Police Station had authorised his immediate arrest.

He was held on remand in prison for five weeks until his trial, when a judge found him not guilty and ruled that his words were merely ‘free speech’.

It is a cornerstone of our democracy that everything should be ‘questionable’, but the toxic atmosphere of political correctness in Police Scotland now means that the mentioning of the word ‘Islam’ in any negative sense, in speech or in print, runs the risk of an instant loss of one’s liberty for a substantial period of time.

Political correctness has been tolerated and indeed actively encouraged at the highest levels of the Police, especially in Scotland.

This is an affront to our democracy, and we demand that the Chief Constable of Scotland resign forthwith.

Take part in our campaign and your complaint will be sent immediately and automatically to the Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Iain Livingstone:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ To un-s

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