Eksplosivt nyt fra Project Veritas: ABC whistleblower afslører – “Vi havde alt om Epstein – Clinton – prinsen -alt – i 3 år!”

VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”

Tim Pool kommenterer:

Leaked Audio Of ABC News Sparks Cry Of Epstein COVER UP, Story Implicates MORE Journalists.

James O’keefe and Project Veritas has released audio of ABC News reporter Amy Robach complaining that her story on Jeffrey Epstein was shut down by the network and she doesn’t know why. She says she had “everything” mentions Clinton and goes on to say that “the palace” got wind of the story and the network was scared they would not get to interview Will And Kate.

This story is a candid behind the scene view of how these reporters really feel. ABC News issued a statement that flies in the face of their previous reporting. They claimed like many others that they just couldn’t corroborate the story.

But then how does this explain the Covington story, Kavanaugh reporting, or fake news from Kentucky they recently retracted? It seems that their standards are only high when dealing with powerful people like Epstein, prince Andrew, or Bill Clinton.

The story of Epstein is one that could bring together far left, democrats, conservatives, and others. No one believes the official story not even ABC News reporter. But will the media call her fake news for not believing the official story?

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