Engelsk professor i teologi kalder Londonbomberne for ‘ekstrem demonstration’

One such demo (incidentally killing 52 non-demonstrators) was that carried out in London on July 7, 2005, by four members of the British Muslim community – who, in the words of our Professor, were simply carrying out “an extreme form of demonstration“.

Students of cultural theory might at first take issue with Prof. Geaves’ remarks, believing instead that suicide bombing smacks more of “avant garde theatre” – a kind of “Dadaist happening“, as one prominent exponent of that discipline has noted (in an article that also draws a comparison between suicide bombers and those who jumped from the Twin Towers).

Of course, those of us who’ve witnessed  street demonstrations, even non-fatal ones, have noticed the prevalence of “avant garde theatre” types in those as well; any difference between, say, an anti-globalist clown brigade composed of misguided undergraduates and the demonstrators behind 7/7 is merely one of degree, the latter representing nothing but a somewhat more extreme version of the former.

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