Er du sharkofob?

Et hajangreb er ikke længere et ‘angreb’ – det er en ‘hændelse’ eller et ‘møde’. At betegne et angreb som et angreb er stigmatiserende for hajerne.

So how is one to describe what we’ve long known as and instinctively called a “shark attack”?  According to the NYT and its quoted array of “scientists,” more neutral—that is, euphemistic—words such as “incident” or “encounter” should replace “attack.”

The prevalent theme [in shark shows] is this: it’s not the shark’s fault that it attacked and maimed this or that surfer, swimmier, or kayaker.  Rather, humans are responsible for entering the shark’s domain, the ocean.  If anything, then, it’s the human’s fault for getting attacked.  Even great whites, so we are assured, only attack humans by mistake, never intentionally. Finally we get the speech about how sharks are in fact the one’s being mistreated by humans, etc.

concluded by observing that shark victims who were not forgiving of or, worse, somehow blamed the sharks that attacked them were presented in these shows as “ignorant, bigoted, sharkaphobes.”

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  1. I kina spiser de hunde, så gør som kineserne.
    I Sverige skyder de børn. så gør som Svenskerne.
    I afghanistan skyder alle mod alle, så gør som afghanerne.

    Osv …………..

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