Er fascisme højre- eller venstreorienteret ?


Hvis du spørger de venstreorienterede er de ikke i tvivl

Men de har jo også noget at skjule !

Så lige som de “glemmer” at nazisme er en forkortelse for nationalSOCIALISME,  glemmer de også  bekvemt at fascisme er en venstreorienteret bevægelse !

Her er et lille, men meget afslørende  klip om Mussolini

2. Mussolini was a socialist before becoming a fascist.
Born to a socialist father, Mussolini was named after leftist Mexican President Benito Juárez. His two middle names, Amilcare and Andrea, came from Italian socialists Amilcare Cipriani and Andrea Costa. Early in Mussolini’s life, for instance, those names seemed appropriate. While living in Switzerland from 1902 to 1904, he cultivated an intellectual image and wrote for socialist periodicals such as L’Avvenire del Lavoratore (The Worker’s Future). He then served in the Italian army for nearly two years before resuming his career as a teacher and journalist. In his articles and speeches, Mussolini preached violent revolution, praised famed communist thinker Karl Marx and criticized patriotism. In 1912 he became editor of Avanti! (Forward!), the official daily newspaper of Italy’s Socialist Party. But he was expelled from the party two years later over his support for World War I. By 1919 a radically changed Mussolini had founded the fascist movement, which would later become the Fascist Party.

(fremhævningerne er lavet af mig)

Der er flere oplysninger om hans forbindelse med socialismen her


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