Er UK en politistat? Vi får svaret i morgen.

Britain First

Tomorrow, Paul will be enjoying his final day of freedom.

Then, on Wednesday morning he will be heading to Westminster Magistrates Court to stand trial.

For hour after hour inside the dock, he will be standing firm as the establishment tries to label him a terrorist and throw him in prison.

At some point during the day, the judge will give her verdict and then we will know if we live in a diabolically corrupt Police State or not.

Paul is at home relaxing in Kent right now, but he must be anxious and concerned about what is about to happen.

Paul is a strong Englishman, but he is, after all, only human.

Paul still has to pay his legal team and we have only 24 hours left before the clock runs out.

We need a few staunch patriots to step forward and help Paul power across the finishing line.

We have only £750 left to raise.

It will be a great weight off Paul’s shoulders if HQ could inform him that we have raised what he needs to pay his barrister.

Can you help us smash this problem, so we can give Paul the good news?

Please click to chip in with whatever you can afford, every penny counts.

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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