Erstatninger for slaveri?

Bristol has become the first UK city that has officially voted in favour of providing “reparations” for historical slavery going back hundreds of years.

Bristol has a black man of African descent as Mayor (below) who is very eager to push this one-sided nonsense through:

Bristol’s left-wing city councillors are deliberately pretending that only white people were involved in “slavery”, a practice as old as humanity itself.

They are ignoring the fact that almost every non-white nation on the planet has engaged in slavery at some point during history, and some still do.

This is yet another left-wing attempt to falsify history to instil a malicious “white guilt” in ordinary British citizens, completely ignoring slavery throughout history, like the Arab slave trade below:

Britain First has started a complaints drive to demand that Bristol City Council cease with their politically correct, woke campaign to lay the blame for thousands of years of slavery at the door of white people in general.

Please take part in our campaign below and your complaint will be sent immediately to the Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees and Deputy Mayor Asher Craig:

Yours sincerely,
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  1. Hvor kan man hente sine penge. Vores forfædre er alle fra Afrika – hvis man ellers skal tro videnskaben?

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