EU ser stort på alle menneskerettigheder og underkaster sig Kina endnu mere end tidligere

The European Union has negotiated a controversial trade deal with China. The pact has been widely criticized because European leaders, in their apparent rush to reach an agreement, have sacrificed their professed concern for human rights on the altar of financial gain. Indeed, precisely one week after the deal was signed, China launched a massive crackdown on democracy activists in Hong Kong.

Former Hong Kong Governor Lord Patten said the economic deal, which must still be approved by the European Parliament, makes a “mockery” of the EU’s ambitions to be taken seriously as a global and economic player:

“It spits in the face of human rights and shows a delusional view of the Chinese Communist Party’s trustworthiness on the international stage.

Se eneste, der skal overholde alle regler, er EU¨s borgere. Dem bliver der til gengæld slået hårdt ned på, hvis de så meget som tænker på at kritisere EU’s og deres regeringers politik, hvad angår klima, indvandring, Wuhanvirus etc.

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