Ezra Levant om Tommy Robinsons retssag

These are dangerous times for those who believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

I was shocked when Tommy Robinson was found in contempt of court on Friday.

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I sat through the whole two-day hearing, and I truly thought Tommy would be acquitted. The Attorney General had no case.

  • The trial Tommy was commenting on last year was not derailed by him — it successfully convicted the rape gang
  • Tommy only mentioned information that was already in the public domain, including the BBC website that morning
  • Tommy had taken many steps to confirm that what he was doing was legally compliant
  • Tommy’s brief interactions with the rapists were polite — he simply asked them how they were feeling about the verdict

I was truly stunned when Tommy was convicted. 

And even more stunning was the jubilation in the mainstream media. Those jackals don’t understand that it’s their freedoms that are at risk, too. But they’re more interested in “getting” the one citizen journalist they all hate than preserving their own ancient freedoms.

That court ruling was a legal, political and moral disaster. But at least we were there to cover it — not just the “Media Party” as I call it. Thank you for your support.

In fact, our little grassroots crew of citizen journalists managed to get a larger audience than even the BBC did, with their £5 billion budget!

I live-tweeted the court proceedings — and my tweets were read 9.4 million times, according to Twitter. My friend Andrew Lawton, whose travel we helped crowdfund, had nearly 2 million readers. Add in our young reporter Jessica Swietoniowski, who was in the court with us too, and together our live courtroom updates were seen by nearly 12 million people.

In addition, Jessica and I made twenty videos between us; add in Andrew’s and Avi Yemini’s videos, and we made close to thirty — and they have millions of views amongst them. Click here to take a quick look:

Our reporting obviously didn’t change the course of Tommy’s contempt hearing. But it did do something very important — it let the world know of the grave injustice done last week. We told the other side of the story, countering the cheering, jeering leftist media who would love to see Tommy locked up.  We rang the alarm — something Tommy himself has been unable to do ever since social media companies banned him.

Which is why I’m writing to you again today. CLICK HERE NOW TO DONATE

Tommy’s sentencing hearing is this Thursday. And I want to be there again to cover it — because I just don’t trust the mainstream media, do you? So I need your help. Millions of people have come to rely on our tweets and videos, to find out what’s really happening.  I’m writing to you from Toronto, Canada right now. 

Can you please help me cover the cost of an economy-class ticket back to London, so I can be there to report on the sentencing hearing? I’m genuinely worried they’ll send him back to prison — and that the judges don’t care that could mean that he’ll be murdered by a Muslim prison gang. In fact, I think some politicians actually want that to happen. I’ll be there to cover the sentencing hearing. And while I’m in London, I’ll also attend a “Global Conference for Media Freedom”, hosted by the governments of the UK and Canada. I find it shocking and ironic that the conference is being sponsored by the UK government at precisely the same week that Tommy Robinson is having his own media freedom taken away by the same UK government. I’ll be attending that conference, and so will our chief reporter from Canada, the great Sheila Gunn Reid. 

There will be all sorts of preening politicians there, who claim to care about press freedom. Good: let’s get them on the record about Tommy Robinson.

Can you please help us get over there? Economy class tickets for Sheila and me are about $1,000 each, plus we’ll be staying in low-budget hotels. In addition, we’ll have a local cameraman. Altogether, the cost of our trip will be around $4,500 which is about £3,000.

Please click here to help us get back to London this week. If you can help us out, whether it’s £10 or $50 or even more, we’d be grateful. And I’m sure Tommy would be too.

Yours truly, Ezra Levant

P.S. There’s nothing you or I can do about what happens in the court of law. But we can make a difference in the court of public opinion. 

Please click here to help Sheila and me come to London — to report on Tommy’s sentencing, and to make sure we hold the UK government to account at their censorship conference, too.

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