Ezra Levant rapporterer fra Tommy Robinsons retssag

As promised, I went to London yesterday to attend a court hearing with Tommy Robinson. I live-tweeted from the courtroom, as I usually do — you can see those at my Twitter account, Twitter.com/EzraLevant if you like. It wasn’t that interesting, to be honest — one of the big battles that was supposed to happen involved the misconduct of one of the law firms suing Tommy. Incredibly, that law firm suddenly announced that it was dissolving, and its principal lawyer was leaving the country. Just amazing — on the eve of the hearing, they just vaporized, rather than fighting Tommy.

But that didn’t mean there weren’t plenty of lawyers there. There were — seven, in fact, debating minute legal points about the “meaning” of two videos that Tommy published about a Syrian migrant boy who was accused of beating up a British girl.

This wasn’t the main trial of that lawsuit. It was a preliminary matter to resolve the meaning of those pretty plain-spoken videos. And yet, as I just mentioned, there were still seven lawyers in the room — five for the Syrian boy and two for Tommy. One of the lawyers was named Mohammed Akunjee. I was unfamiliar with him at first, but I quickly learned that his speciality is representing ISIS terrorists, including Shamima Begum, the notorious “ISIS bride.” He’s involved with this lawsuit against Tommy. That shows you how political this is — it’s “lawfare”.

Here’s a video I made after the hearing:

Mere her

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