Fakta om Saudi Arabien

“No Democracy for Saudis, says Prince Sultan 

…they may vote for the wrong people     

In a staggering display of arrogance, even by the standards of the House of Saud, Prince Sultan ruled out elections for the “Poodle Parliament”, sometimes known as the Shoura Council, on the grounds that Saudis are illiterate and would therefore vote for the wrong people. This, from a leading member of the Royal Family that boasts of its achievements in adult literacy.
Top Saudi Prince Rules Out Elected Shura Council

Moments Before the Execution: om henrettelser

Man Marries 58 Times in 50 Years

    JEDDAH, 19 March 2004 — In 50 years, Saleh Al-Saieri, a Saudi businessman has married 58 women, including eight Yemenis, and then divorced 54 of them. Every time the wives hear that Al-Saieri has found a new prospect, they begin wondering who is next to go.   

    “I married university graduates and illiterate women. The oldest wife I am married to is 40 and the youngest is 13, who I married just one month ago. She lives in southern Saudi Arabia,” he boasted.

He’s also a serial polygamist, but we live in the Middle Ages, and the law allows that.

Beaten Saudi woman speaks out

Female Impersonator Held in Madinah

    MADINAH, 14 April 2004 — Police in Madinah arrested an 18-year-old man in woman’s dress including a veil in a Madinah shopping center. Al-Madinah reported that people noticed strange movements and felt the person was not walking like a woman. His arms were also noticed to be hairy. People said the person was following women and annoying them. The police were called and they arrested the man saying that he might be mentally ill.

The thing about wearing an abaya and a veil, it could be anybody in there. It could be Hulk Hogan. It could be Osama Bin Laden. It could be Clyde, the Orang Utang. Just don’t show your hairy arms.

As for the man’s mental health, I agree. Any Saudi man who would rather be treated like a Saudi woman, is by definition nuts.

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