Skoleundervisning i Saudi Arabien Hej feminister!

Women have a strong innate jealousy, which may lead to strange attitudes, as happened to the ‘Mothers of the Believers’ [i.e., Muhammad’s wives]. That does not diminish their rank and dignity.

[Qur’an] Commentary, Grade 9, (2000) p. 148
O people, you owe your wives their right and they owe you your right. They are obliged to you not to let someone else into your bed, not to let someone whom you hate into your house without your permission, and not to commit an evidently vile sin. If they do, then God has permitted you to oppress them, avoid being with them in bed, and beat them – but not harshly.
From Muhammad’s last sermon, Arabic Literature, Grade 10, (1999) p. 51

Bloodmoney for a free male Muslim… is a hundred camels.
Bloodmoney for a free infidel is half the bloodmoney for a Muslim…
Bloodmoney for a woman is half the bloodmoney for a man, each one according to her religion, as bloodmoney for a Muslim female is half the bloodmoney for a Muslim and bloodmoney for an infidel female is half the bloodmoney for an infidel.
Islamic Jurisprudence, Grade 10, (2001) p. 46

As for women – their testimony is not accepted in [matters of] legal punishments [Hudud] and homicide cases [Dima’].
[Islamic] Jurisprudence, Grade 10, (2001)p. 74

There have been many proofs for the command of the veil and the prohibition of beautification and unveiling… God has imposed on the woman the duty to cover her whole body in order to be safe because of her veil from the offenders’ insults… He has prohibited beautification and unveiling because of the scandalous deeds they lead to.
[Islamic] Jurisprudence, Grade 10, (2001) p. 65

The presence in private of a man with a strange woman, as well as mingling with men , are two of the most serious things leading to adultery and the greatest harm. Therefore, God’s Messenger forbade such mingling…
Islamic Jurisprudence, Grade 10, (2001) pp. 67-68

It is best for a woman to protect herself from going out from home whenever possible.
[Islamic] Jurisprudence, Grade 10, (2001) pp. 67-68
One of the most difficult matters for a sensible woman is threatening her with divorce. The matter becomes more difficult if the husband replaces her with someone who is better than she is.
[Qur’an] Commentary, Grade 9, (2000) p. 151
The usage sanctioned by tradition for divorce is that it takes place when the woman is not in her monthly period, no intercourse occurs between the couple, and he divorces her in a definite manner i.e., saying the phrase of divorce once, or even twice, but not thrice…
[Qur’an] Commentary, Grade 9, (2000) p. 132

Woman Placates Husband by Giving Him 2nd Wife

DAMMAM, 2 November 2005 – A woman teacher finally solved her frequent fights with her husband by providing him another wife, according to a report by Okaz. The report said the teacher noticed that her husband was trying to find excuses to start trouble, so she asked him if he would like to marry her friend who is also a teacher. The husband liked the idea and has stopped causing trouble after he took in the second wife.

1. If you were the husband, would you prefer your wife to give you:

– another wife
– a new Toyota Landcruiser
– an all-expenses paid month in the South of France

bearing in mind the maintenance costs?

2. Would you really enjoy being married to two schoolteachers?

Female Wrestling Match Over Shoes

QATEEF, 2 November 2005 – The general market in the eastern city of Qateef was turned into a virtual wrestling arena recently when two women fought over a pair of shoes, a report by Okaz has said. Instead of ordering new pairs of the shoe that was on display, the duo engaged in a tug-of-war that ended in a noisy wrestling match, said the report. Many shoppers attracted by the fracas came to watch but before the crowd could grow beyond control, police separated the wrestlers and took them to a nearby station for questioning.

1. Explain how this story proves the dangers of letting women out of the house by themselves.

2. Can you explain what it is about women and shoes, that might cause this type of behavior?

3. Many shoppers attracted by the fracas came to watch. Why is it that men the world over are seduced by the Devil into enjoying watching women wrestle? Why do they like it even better in mud?

After Daughter’s Refusal, Man Marries Mother

JEDDAH, 31 October 2005 — A 21-year-old girl refused to marry a man 35 years older than her because of the age difference, Al-Watan reported. The mother tried for six months to convince her daughter to marry him because he was a good person and financially secure. After all attempts to convince her failed, the man was told about the refusal, he came back again to the family, this time asking for the mother’s hand in marriage. Stunned at the man’s request, the mother agreed; the marriage took place this month.

1. What false inducements of the Devil might lead a 21-year-old girl to refuse to marry a 56-year-old man with money?

2. If the mother had also refused, is it possible that Granny might have got a special Ramadan treat?

Fra The Religious Policeman

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  1. Send informationerne til KVINFO eller til andre feminister. Hvis de gider have med det at gøre. Jeg har sendt materiale til KVINFO og har intet hørt.

    Istedet for reklamerer KVINFO for Tørklæde-teaterstykket i KBH, hvor de flirter med tørklæde-fænomenet. Det er virkelig usmageligt.

    Måske skulle de tekster, du har fundet sendes til kvindelige politikere. Måske der så skete noget.

    Det er da forunderligt, at det kun er Pia Kjærsgaard, der er klar modstander af kvindeundertrykkelsen der forekommer i Allahs navn.

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