Galskab i Tyskland: Datasikkerhed kommer før menneskeliv

Tyske myndigheder må ikke udsende katastrofevarsler på SMS på grund af datasikkerhedslovgivningen.

But Saving People’s Lives Might Negatively Affect Their Data Privacy!

Cell broadcasts and other mobile phone disaster alerts are dangerous. Whoever does the broadcast has your data. You know, like your telephone number? And they could reach you if they wanted to, which is the point. To save your life, for example. But Germans don’t want that. After they save your life what happens then? What happens to the data? Who regulates it? A complete, unauthorized stranger could save your life next and nobody wants that. No, thanks. Data privacy comes first in this country, pal.


There’s An App For That. Not that anybody has installed it. But still.

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  1. I flere af EUs projekter er frøers, firbens, insekters og diverse musearters velbefindende og overlevelse vigtigere end europæiske menneskers velbefindende og overlevelse.

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