Generobringen af Al-Andalus er planlagt

Islam vil som bekendt ikke opgive en tomme af jord, de tidligere har erobret og besat, derfor er det en stor torn i øjet på Saudi Arabien, at Spanien ikke er muslimsk længere.

Derfor har sauderne planer om at bygge Europas største moske i Cordoba, som skal blive Eurabias Mekka.

Cordoba, 19 Dec. (AkI) – Moves are afoot to build a mammouth mosque in the city of Cordoba – the capital of ‘al-Andalus’ or the area of southern Spain under Arab rule from the eighth to the 15th century AD. The mosque, being conceived as a kind of ‘European mecca’ will become the second largest in the world, and will be built with Saudi Arabian funding, according to Spanish daily ABC.

Cordoba’s current Muslim population is approximately 1,000. But it has for some time been asking to be allowed to pray in a part of the city’s cathedral, which was a mosque until the Catholic reconquest. Prior to Arab rule, it was a basilica, however. The request – a thorny issue that re-emerges periodically in Spain – has always been rejected by the cathedral.

The idea of an enormous mosque – put forward by Saudi Arabia and other countries – has already been put twice to Cordoba’s city council – in 2005 and previously in 2003. But like the request for Muslims to be able to pray in the cathedral, it has always been turned down.

The planned mega mosque is not the only project Muslims have in mind for Spain. One of the country’s main Muslim associations, the Islamic Committee, would like to build a large multi-purpose centre in Cordoba that would be open to the public, located near its headquarters and the al-Morabito mosque.

In the Andalusian city of Seville, the local council has granted planning permission for a new mosque to be built on council land near the Los Bermejales district. But the plan has run into opposition from local residents, who have managed to get a court order halting construction of the mosque. Around 100 mosques already exist in Andalusia, according to the local press.

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