Historien om Trumps skattebetalinger er ikke andet end en kæmpe Nothingburger

Nolte: New York Times Counts on Public Ignorance to Push Trump Tax Nothingburger

The far-left New York Times claims it obtained copies of President Trump’s tax returns and is counting on ignorance to turn its nothingburger into some kind of scandal.

The only real news in the returns is how they debunk three media conspiracy theories. Although the Times hides the news as though it doesn’t matter, and despite years and years of the media floating the idea, we now know there’s nothing about Russia in Trump’s tax returns. No secret loans. No oligarch connections. No nothing.

Secondly, there’s no record of a secret payoff to Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen that would suggest an illicit payment was made to porn star Stormy Daniels to cover up what she says was a one-night stand a dozen years ago. It’s not illegal to pay someone hush money. So this non-scandal has always baffled me. If anything, it’s illegal to blackmail someone for money, which is kinda what the porn star did, no?

Finally, Trump is in fact under audit, which means he’s been telling the truth for five years about that, about why he does not want to release his tax returns.

So, even though the tax returns basically debunk three hoaxes the fake media have been floating for years, the Times still pretends it has something other than a nothingburger with the amount of money Trump has paid in taxes over the years.,

You’ve seen the headlines (I don’t link fake news)…

NBC News: “Trump tax records show duplicity. That’s devastating for his campaign.”

Reuters: “Trump frequently paid no income tax.”

And countless variations of “Trump paid less tax than average American” and “Trump paid only $750 in taxes.”

And that’s where the media are not only counting on the ignorance of the American people, but contributing to it…

From the looks of it, Trump pours his income back into his business, which allows him to legally write it off, which results in him paying no federal income tax but all kinds of business taxes: property, real estate, and payroll, just for starters.

Joe Biden does the same thing.

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