Hvordan kan man nogensinde stole på WHO Igen efter dets misinformation om Wuhanvirus?

How can WHO ‘ever be trusted’ again after COVID-19 ‘disinformation’

Sky News host Sharri Markson says the World Health Organisation must answer questions about whether it “made the spread of the virus worse through its own disinformation”.

“It told world leaders there was no need for travel bans, that this wasn’t a pandemic and that it was not infectious,” Ms Markson said. Australia was one of the first nations to ban travel coming from mainland China, which was a major contributing factor to the curbing of the spread of COVID-19, but the WHO hit out against countries like Australia for implementing such travel restrictions.

“The WHO has serious questions to answer about whether it made the spread of the virus worse through its own disinformation.

“It’s extraordinary to me that in the face of all available evidence now that travel bans should have been put in place, the WHO is refusing to admit it made any mistakes; no apologies at all, and no regrets.

Ms Markson said if the WHO “doesn’t accept it made mistakes,” then how can the global community “expect anything to be different the next time a pandemic hits”.

“How can we ever again trust their advice”.

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  1. Jeg læste et eller andet sted – men kan ikke finde det igen – at Kina nu har skiftet “forklaring” om den kinesiske virus. Nu påstår man ikke længere at den kommer fra flagermus af type hestesko solgt på et marked 800 km væk fra nærmeste hesteskoflagermus …
    Nu kommer Kina med en ny søforklaring …
    mvh TrumfEs

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