Ingen ytringsfrihed på Marrakesh konferencen – hvad har de at skjule?

Today I sent an urgent letter to Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Immigration Minister. Hussen and Justin Trudeau have been attacking me in Parliament for my reporting on the UN Global Compact for Migration.

I normally would regard being attacked by Liberals as a badge of honour, but this time it’s different. Because right as that was happening, the United Nations told me that my cameraman and I were banned from reporting at the UN conference on this Global Compact for Migration, next week in Morocco.

Click here to read the UN’s excuse — and watch a short video of the attacks on me by Trudeau and Hussen:

This is un-Canadian. We don’t ban journalists from reporting. But I’m not really surprised. Unlike Trudeau, I’ve actually read the UN Global Compact for Migration. This is from paragraph 33(c) of the agreement: It says governments including Canada must agree to:

“sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants…”

As in, this UN agreement will reward journalists who are pro-immigration, and punish those who aren’t.

So tonight I wrote an urgent letter to Ahmed Hussen. And I asked him four questions:

  • Is the UN decision to ban me, my cameraman, and anyone else at The Rebel based on paragraph 33(c) of the UN Global Compact for Migration?
  • Have you or anyone else in the Canadian government indicated that The Rebel ought to be blacklisted from reporting at UN conferences?
  • Do you believe that ban is reflective of Canadian values, including our Charter value of freedom of the press?
  • And if you value accurate reporting — as your accusation of “conspiracy theories” suggests — why wouldn’t you want critical journalists to have access to all the facts and information at a conference about migration?

Click here to read my full letter to him:

As we are scheduled to fly to Marrakech soon, I asked him to reply to this letter urgently.

So far, nothing. I’ll let you know if I hear back.

By the way, we’re still going to go to Marrakech, even if Trudeau and Hussen and the UN ban us from the actual conference building. We’ll just do our reports from the city, as opposed to the media room of the conference.

If the Liberal government attacks us, and if the UN bans us — don’t you think that’s actually proof that we really, absolutely need to be reporting about what they’re doing?

And that you just can’t trust the mainstream media, that actually receive Liberal approval, and the UN’s approval?

Help us bring you the real news — please help us be the only truly independent news media at the conference. Whether they let us in the doors or not, I know we’ll do a better job than the mainstream media taking Trudeau’s bailout.

Please help cover the airfare and accommodation for me and my cameraman:

  • we’ve bought the lowest-priced flights available;
  • we’re staying in low cost hotel rooms; and
  • we’ll eat on the cheap.

We have to — we’re not taking any of Trudeau’s media bail-out money. But we need to raise about $5,000 dollars — can you please help? Click here, to support real journalism!

Thank you.

Yours truly,

David Menzies

P.S. I truly think I could be the only independent journalist planning to go to this conference — which is exactly why they want to stop me. I’m going anyways, even if I have to report from outside the gates! Please click here to help — thanks!

P.P.S. Please forward this e-mail to your family and friends, to tell them what’s going on. And visit our special website,!

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