Interview med Al-Jazeera TV vært Faysal Al-Qassem om Neo-Goebbelism

There is a term I frequently use: “neo-Goebbelism.” “Goebbelism” as in Goebbels…

Interviewer: You lie and lie until you believe it yourself.

Faysal Al-Qassem: Exactly. Or until some of it gets into the minds of the masses. It goes back to Goebbels, Hitler’s famous information minister. In my opinion, this Goebbels deserves our sympathy… By Allah, he deserves our sympathy. They curse him, spit on him, and call him a liar, yet today, they have developed the theory of Goebbelism a thousand times more than during the Nazi period, because of the huge budgets of the media outlets, and because of the diversity of the media – the Internet, TV, journals, and so on. Goebbelism was never more prosperous than today.

Fra Memri via O.H., student, Norge.

Han taler om, at de eneste ‘sandfærdige’ nyheder, der findes, er dem, der udsendes via paraboler fra Mellemøstens medier med islamistiske budskaber.

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