Invasionen af Storbritannien når uanede højder

Yesterday witnessed the highest number of illegal migrant crossings of the Channel so far in 2022.

All of the Border Force and RNLI vessels were hectically busy all day.

Hundreds and hundreds of illegal migrants – overwhelmingly men – were brought ashore, processed and dispatched to 4-star hotels across the country.

The migrants took advantage of the calm weather on Tuesday.

Around half of the invaders managed to evade the authorities and land on beaches in Kent by midday.

The Home Office has previously admitted that in 2021 that 90% of boat migrant arrivals were male and three quarters were aged between 18 to 39.

These statistics obliterate the claim by the political Left that these invaders are “refugees”.

None of those who arrived illegally on Tuesday were Ukrainian and as the small boats all came from France, it is evident none were fleeing an active war zone.

Some boat migrants pay as much as £10,000 to secure their ticket into Britain.

None of the illegal migrants crossing the Channel are “refugees”, they are freeloaders and chancers looking for handouts, benefits, housing and freebies, courtesy of the British taxpayer.

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5 Kommentarer

  1. Er Boris Johnson og politikerne omkring ham
    komplette idioter, eller har de solgt sig selv
    til en indvandringsindustri som korrumperer og
    ødelægger England. ☹

    Hvad med vælgerne. Er det ligesom herhjemme at
    det store flertal ikke fatter at indvandringen
    vil få store og katastrofale konsekvenser for
    dem selv og landet?

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