Invasionskrisen i Dover

The illegal immigrant invasion at Dover has become a major political issue lately, and for good reason. 

It is currently a regular occurrence for 1,000 illegals to cross the Channel in a single day.

Beach landings from Ramsgate to Dungeness happen every day.

The government has come under immense pressure over the last few weeks, especially since thirty or so illegals drowned mid Channel.

What has been their reply to this crisis? Blame France!

Diverting the blame has always been the song of corrupt politicians.

Is it France that is meeting the migrant crossings mid Channel and bringing them back to Dover like a taxi service? No.

Is it France that is using public funding to house tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in four-star accommodation? No.

Is it France that is providing illegal immigrants with benefits and housing, which acts as a huge magnet to further crossings? No.

The people who are truly to blame for the illegal immigrant invasion are Boris Johnson and Priti Patel!

They have the power to halt the invasion (they have an eighty-seat majority in Parliament), but they choose not to.

Our useless, treacherous Border Force, run by pro-immigration fanatic Priti Patel, is doing nothing to stem the influx, that’s a fact.

Our pathetic government has even sent the French £54m to halt the crossings, but the French have just taken the funds and laughed at our weakness!

Even the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) is being used as a taxi service to bring hordes of illegal immigrants to our shores.

All throughout the Brexit campaign, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel pledged to “take back control”.

But whether our government is Conservative or Labour, they both have no intention of reducing immigration.

To the contrary, the numbers just keep going up and up regardless of what party controls Downing Street.

Every individual illegal immigrant that enters Britain receives benefits, housing and NHS help, placing enormous strain our native resources.

Just remember, all the Old-Gang parties are pro-immigration extremists.

They will never halt immigration, or cut the numbers, never.

They never have, and they never will.

That’s what a century of consecutive Conservative and Labour governments have shown us.

Anyone who speaks out will be demonised, like Enoch Powell.

Britain First is the only patriotic political party that will halt all immigration, deport all illegal immigrants with lightning speed, defend our borders by deploying the Royal Navy, turn back all illegal crossing attempts, and put British people first!

If you truly cherish our country and want a future for our children, then abandon all hesitation immediately and join Britain First.

There really is no alternative, Britain First is the “only show in town”.

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