Islamister forsøger at ruinere Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson is perhaps the most prosecuted man in the United Kingdom.
He is persecuted because he dares to report the other side of the story. Tommy speaks truth to power and stands up for the forgotten men, women and children of our Nation.
While Tommy was serving time for a contemptable civil offence (contempt of court) at Belmarsh Prison, he thought about appealing the conviction because the judges applied a non-existent context to take him down. He had decent grounds to appeal so all of us here at TR.News asked you for your help. Everyone knew the contempt of court charge was politically motivated, so you helped financially, and we can only thank you for that support because we have generated a “fighting fund” off the back of that.
However, people did not realise that while Tommy was in Belmarsh, his legal team told him about the potential costs of another civil case, the litigation of which could cost him approximately £650,000.
The civil case in question was of course litigation brought about by the Syrian boy Jamal, his family and of course their Islamic extremist apologist lawyer Tasnime Akunjee.
Tasnime defended Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo and shared a platform with extremists from CAGE, an organisation founded by Mozzam Begg.
Tasnime has represented Shamima Begum’s family; he has tried to bring Shamima back to Britain after she fled our country for ISIS-controlled Syria.
Tasnime has also used Facebook to post cartoons mocking the death of murdered editor Stephane Charbonnier after the Charlie Hebdo Islamic terror attack in Paris.
This is the kind of “lawyer” Tommy is up against, the type of lawyer who sends a far-left Antifa supporting scumbag to serve papers on him who then makes disgusting threats to Tommy’s kids and wife.
Although Tommy wanted to appeal his conviction for contempt of court, he had to consider the potential costs of Jamal’s case and make a decision, what would you do?
If Tommy had the money he would fight every case thrown at him, but the reality is that Tommy only has a finite amount of resources and money, he was left in a position where he had to pick his battles.
Tommy eventually made the agonising decision to not go through with the appeal for contempt of court.
Instead, Tommy decided he needed to focus on a new fight, one that Jamal, his family and his terrorist apologist lawyer literally brought to his door using an unstable, unhinged, far-left Antifa supporting scumbag.
Although we managed to set up a fighting fund that patriots have generously donated to because of Tommy’s appeal, Tommy kept those funds in a pot.
He will now need to use those funds to help fight the Jamal case; the only problem is that the fighting fund is nowhere near the amount required to cover all eventualities, which is approximately £650,000.
The government and lawyers with extremist sympathies know that if they cant keep Tommy in prison, they can break him financially with civil cases, it is pretty clear where the new battle lines are being drawn, and we need your help and support to fight these battles.
If you can, please consider donating to Tommy’s legal fund by clicking on the link below. Fighting the cause of the forgotten and oppressed British people is a worthy cause, and we can’t do that without your help.

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  1. Læs det her Nobel-geni:

    ‘But we Jews should be honest: for every mensch like Miller, we have shmucks like Tim Wise, Noel Ignatiev, Rob Reiner, Charles Schumer, and thousands of other high-profile Jews who seem to hate or fear White Christian Americans and seek to hasten their demise as the ethnic majority of this country. Yes, we Jews have Miller, but we also have the ADL and the SPLC — powerful well-funded groups who conduct witch hunts against anyone who dares speak out against multiculturalism, open-borders, globalist doctrine, or who dares to criticize Jews. Jewish political influence in the US is still overwhelmingly negative, despite the great work of a few good Jews.

    As an American (first) and Jew (second) who supports Trump and Trumpism, the European New Right, and anyone concerned with the long-term impacts of mass immigration, I want to see more Jews, particularly younger, Generation Z Jews move to our ideological side. I have tried to explore my own motivations for this. Why do I find myself so far to the Right on the issue of immigration and of protecting European cultures and peoples? Why do I hope other Jews follow me on this ideological journey? And there is growing indication they are.

    First of all, it has nothing to do with being “self-hating”, a common but largely asinine Jewish slur used against Jews who step out of line. I neither hate myself or Jews collectively. Like many non-Jewish critics of Jews, I just want Jews to stop attacking Europeans and their descendants in their former colonies by pushing destructive ideologies and policies.’

    Uddrag af

    God bedring!

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