Israelske ofre for den 2. Intifada vinder retssag mod PA (Den Palæstinensiske Autoritet) og gør retskrav på bl.a. fast ejendom ejet af Arafat familien i Jerusalem

On Monday, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is liable for civil damages for terror attacks during the Second Intifada.

The landmark decision was won by Shurat Hadin-Israel Law Center, an Israel-based organization that defends Israel and Jews through legal systems worldwide. In this case, it represented the families of eight victims of Second Intifada terror. The ruling could force the PA to compensate the families for as much as one billion shekels ($279 million) in damages.

At Darshan-Leitner’s request, the court put a lien on land in Jerusalem owned by Arafat after she argued that it would be difficult to collect from the Arafat estate in the event the court ruled in her favor.

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