Jurgen Vollrath fra Canada fortæller hvad De Gule Veste i virkeligheden drejer sig om

YELLOW VEST MOVEMENT: from PARIS to MEDICINE HAT. On Sat, Dec 29, Jurgen Vollrath stood in the back of a pickup truck in a parking lot in Medicine Hat. He gave a FIREBRAND SPEECH that lasted for less than 3 minutes. It was posted on Facebook and went viral.

In a few days, it had a reach of over half a million, and over 300,000 views. Then it soared to a reach of 700,000, 800,000, 900,000, and over half a million views. It’s still going strong.

So I interviewed Jurgen. What was this speech? Who is Jurgen Vollrath? And what is he aiming for? More than that, what is core to the Yellow Vest movement?

Jurgen answers loud and clear. It’s nothing less than POWER BACK TO THE CITIZENS. Citizens informed. Citizens making the decisions. A referendum on any big issue. Not governments pushing their agenda against the will of the people. And not governments sneaking in leghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPjUUul74qE&feature=youtu.beislation without consultation, often with general media silence on major decisions citizens might not agree with.

The ABSOLUTE NUMBER ONE THING CRUCIAL TO THE YELLOW VEST MOVEMENT: CITIZENS FED UP with the elite acting against them, with their elected governments acting undemocratically, CITIZENS DEMANDING POWER BACK TO THE CITIZENS.

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