Kanossagang 4 – Walk to Canossa 4

Agora har en gennemgang af den kirkelige delegations rejse til Ægypten:

Are Danish Bishops Christian?

That is the question asked by The Jawa Report who is linking to a Story at LGF:

The delegation headed by Bishop of Viborg Karsten Nissen met with Al-Azhar Sheikh Mohammad Sayed Tantawi, Egyptian Mufti Ali Gomaa and Minister of charitable funds Hamdi Zakzouk. Al-Azhar Sheikh Tantavi explained that the offending cartoons aroused indignation in the Muslim world; however they disapproved some of the demonstrations in various areas.

Steen Skovsgaard, a bishop in the delegation, told Zaman that the cartoons are entirely for provocation. Skovsgard, stressing Muslims and Christians live together in peace, said Danes separated after the events and the majority disapproved the cartoons. He said the freedom of speech did not include humiliation and insult and Muslims can seek remedy through the courts as Denmark is a state of law. Skovsgard, underlining that the crisis is the beginning of a new dialogue rather than a partition, said their tickets were bought by the Danish Foreign Ministry though it was not an official visit.

Jawa Comments:

Are Danish Lutherans Christian?

Reasonable enough to ask that, I guess. First things first, this is a part of a visit that was “not” arranged by the Foreign Ministry to further good relations with Egypt:

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