Kina fører krig mod Australien for at lukke munden på dem

Kineserne vil udrydde al modstand – med alle midler.

China wants to ‘cripple’ Australia and ‘hold our corpse up as an example’

Sky News host Paul Murray says China threatens Australia because if it can cripple the nation’s economy then it will “hold our corpse up as an example” of what it can do to other countries.

“Australia you need to get ready for another battle”.

China on Monday threatened to place a close to 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley exports, under the guise of an ‘anti-dumping probe,’ giving the Australian government less than two weeks to resolve the issue.

The communist country has now chosen to suspend imports from four separate Australia abattoirs, one of which is actually Chinese owned.

Mr Murray said the next battle for Australians after dealing with the horrific bushfires and the ongoing health crisis, is “displeasing China, the cost of which could potentially be billions and many thousands of jobs”.

“All of this is a ‘get-square’ because we – God forbid – said there should be an independent international investigation into the virus”.

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