Løgnepressen uinteresseret i at illegal indvandrer ville myrde Donald Trump

Our media seems curiously uninterested in the attempted assassination of Trump

The fact is that it happened. A man named Michael Steven Sandford had been planning to assassinate Trump for more than a year, and while it wasn’t the most brilliant of plans one might imagine (thankfully), he did obtain some weapons training before attempting to seize the service weapon of a local law enforcement officer to shoot Mr. Trump.

One might imagine that this was big news, but even the most rudimentary details of the attempt were missing from the few news hits which bothered to cover it. As John accurately included in his report, the press was telling us that he was,

a UK citizen who has been in the United States for about 18 months. He lived in Hoboken, NJ and then drove cross country to southern California. He drove from there to Las Vegas last Thursday with the intention of killing Trump.

For most of the outlets covering it, that was about it. Politico last night wasn’t offering much more. In fact, you had to go through a number of sources before you finally learned, among other things, that he was in the country illegally. (Associated Press)

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