Løgnepressens og Demokraternes manuskript for at lade Biden vinde med valgsvindel

Now We Know Why the New York Times Said the Media Declared the Election Winner

It is clear to any alert observer now that the Times anointed the media with the role of declaring the winner of the presidential election because it knew how this was going work. Biden would win amid strong evidence of massive voter fraud. Trump would challenge the results in court, but that would take a while. In the meantime, the Times and the rest of the establishment media could try to stampede the courts by anointing Biden as “president-elect” and declaring the election over, thereby making Trump’s legal challenges appear like the desperate Hail-Mary pass of an arrogant yet pathetic man who refused to accept when he was defeated, and giving the whole scam enough legitimacy as to bring on even more, by inducing world leaders to offer their congratulations to this spurious “president-elect.” After all, AP and the New York Times and CNN wouldn’t lie to the entire world, would they?

Sure they would. But now the Times has moved on to the next stage of the plan, which is to appear to discredit specific allegations of voter fraud and make any challenge to the vote totals out to be right-wing conspiracy-mongering that must be quashed before it leads to violence by those “right-wing extremists” that the media keeps warning us about while antifa and Black Lives Matter burn down cities.

By the time all this gets to the Supreme Court, everyone, including the nine (for now) justices, will (the Times hopes) be so used to the idea of “president-elect Biden” that it will look like the worst sort of judicial activism (that thing Trump and his supporters are supposed to be against!) to overturn the victory of the candidate that the media insists has won. And if the Supreme Court goes ahead anyway and finds that there was significant voter fraud and that Trump actually did win the election, antifa and Black Lives Matter are poised to burn down more cities, while the Times and its colleagues insist that the Republicans have stolen the election in the courts.

It’s a diabolically clever plan. Yet one principal obstacle that the Times and the rest of the establishment media face today in trying to get away with it is that the 2020 election has been the red pill of all red pills. Millions of Americans are now onto them. They won’t find it so easy to fool the public as it has been for them in the past.

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