Luton UK: Rumænere angriber muslimsk frisørsalon

One man is taken to hospital after a gang of Romanians storm a barber shop with baseball bats and attack staff after the fed-up owner asked them to stop drinking outside

  • Mohammad Abbas-Khan, 23, said sometimes more than 10 Romanians gather outside his shop in Luton every day
  • They exchanged heated words, pushed each other, then gang of 15 returned armed with sticks and baseball bats
  • One staff member was taken to hospital and neighbour beaten so badly over back he now can not move his arm 
  • Mr Abbas-Khan sometimes works until 11pm and now fears they will return when he is alone and attack again 

Mere på Daily Mail

Den er svær hvad? Hvem skal multi-kultierne holde med? Men mon ikke en muslim har et større offer-kort end en rumænsk europæer, det tyder sprogbruget i artiklen da også på..

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