McDonald boykotter dele af Israel

The IDF Disabled Veterans Forum, is protesting McDonald’s in the wake of its bid to open a branch at Ben-Gurion International Airport. Their reason: McDonald’s refuses to open restaurants across the Green Line in areas Israel captured in the Six Day War.

“The State of Israel has a law – the Boycott Law. And this law is meant to deal with companies like McDonald’s that criticize Israel’s policies and boycott parts of the population. But on the other hand – they have no problem competing for a government tender and make money off the same citizens they boycott,” reads a post on the group’s Facebook page from June 4. “So this party is ending today. The idea that a company boycotting parts of the State of Israel will compete in a government tender and stand proudly at the exit gate of the State of Israel is intolerable,” the post continues.

The IDF Disabled Veterans Forum points out that the head of McDonald’s in Israel is Omri Padan, who is one of the founders of Peace Now, a radical left organization which calls for Israel to hand over Judea and Samaria for the creation of a Palestinian State.

“Omri Padan must understand that his ideology has a price, and today we are giving him the bill. We invite you to join us in demanding the government of Israel prevent McDonald’s participating in the Ben-Gurion Airport tender, stop the madness!”

Parodying signs found in Judea and Samaria marking various areas as A, B and C, the group placed similar signs outside McDonald’s branches in Tel Aviv. They read in Arabic, English and Hebrew: “Israelis please note! ‘Area M’ is ahead of you, which is controlled by a company that boycotts parts of Israel. By entering this area you become a supporter of the boycott.”

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