Mindst 50.000 kendte islamister vandrer frit omkring i UK

Islamist extremism is a massive problem in this country, even though it is so under-reported by the fake news media.

According to the intelligence services, there are over 50,000 known Islamist extremists walking our streets.

That’s the known Islamists, imagine how many are wandering around that we don’t know about.

In the last few months, we have had an MP stabbed to death and a hospital targeted with a nail bomb.

That’s just in the last few months!

There is currently a trial ongoing where an Islamist gave a sermon in a mosque in Brighton saying that “jihad is compulsory”.

Apparently, this Islamist, by the name of Abubaker Deghayes, made a stabbing gesture during the talk while talking about “jihad by the sword”.

Deghayes was reported as saying:

“Allah is more powerful than you. You, idiots. You non-believers, idiots. Allah is more powerful than you. The non-believer…is an idiot; he’s stupid. Jihad is compulsory upon you, you, you and you until the Day of Resurrection, whatever the British Government thinks, whatever Prevent thinks, whatever Israel thinks. Send to the sea. They can go and drink from the sea, Allah curse their fathers, OK?”

“Jihad, jihad, jihad! Jihad is compulsory. Jihad by fighting by sword that means this jihad is compulsory upon you, not jihad is the word of mouth but jihad will remain compulsory until the Day of Resurrection.”

If it wasn’t for the trial, no one in Britain would know anything about this sermon.

But this type of incitement and hatred is preached across Britain on a regular basis.

Is it any wonder there are over 50,000 known Islamists wandering our streets?

If things carry on the way they are going, we will be faced with a civil war situation within the next twenty years.

That’s not scaremongering, we can all see it coming.

As a staunch patriot, are you willing to sit back and allow this to happen?

Just pause and think about your children and grand-children, what kind of future will they have in this country?

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There is nothing else you can rely on.

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  1. Er der tale om en overmoden civilisation der er begyndt at rådne indefra, som en stor pladderhumanistisk melon der har ligget for længe i solen.

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