Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff er Chief Executive og Feinstein’s mand er aktionær i Dominion – firmaet der laver valg-softwaren

We have witnessed: Ballot Tampering, USPS Fraud, BigTech & Media Censorship, Irregular Election Rolls, Unconstitutional Election Stations, Destruction of Ballots, “Glitch after Glitch” Voting machines. Statistical improbabilities, Mathematical Impossibilities, Media Polling Interference, Dead People Voting, Orchestrated Election Announcements (Voter Suppression), Election Observers banned from watching counting, Openly bullying, harassing and threatening People for their Political View, Hundreds of Thousands of ballots appearing over night. Unconstitutional breaking of centuries old “Election Day”, 5yr Hate Campaign against DJT, & Talking Heads come out and tell you not to believe what you are seeing…

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  1. Det er et rigtigt godt argument , at demokraterne standsede optællingen “uden grund”.
    den eneste forklaring er at de skulle fabrikere flere stemmer 🙁
    mvh TrumpEs

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