New York Times kalder Jesus ‘palæstinenser’

New York Times issues correction after calling Jesus a ‘Palestinian man’ instead of Jewish as it continues to face criticism for anti-Semitic cartoon of Trump and Netanyahu

  • An op-ed that ran on April 19 contained the line ‘Jesus, born in Bethlehem, was most likely a Palestinian man’
  • Appeared in an op-ed titled ‘As a Black Child, I Couldn’t Understand Why Jesus Had Blue Eyes’
  • Times changed the line so that it read:  ‘But Jesus, a Jew born in Bethlehem, presumably had the complexion of a Middle Eastern man’
  • Called it an ‘editing error’ that had ‘referred incorrectly to Jesus’ background’ 
  • Times came under fire for publishing cartoon of Trump wearing Jewish skullcap while being led by ‘guide dog’ Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister

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