Om at spise med slør

Det er åbenbart ikke så ligetil – her kræves teknik:

1. When forced to wear a veil in public, don’t eat spaghetti. Same for soup, ice cream, spare ribs, cream cakes. Burgers and donuts are the best bet, forget your waistline for a moment.

2. The “up and under” technique (lift veil and shovel in food from below) looks more decorous but in practice can be messier. Also you never can tell whether you have strands of spaghetti sticking to your chin and dangling down below the bottom of the veil.

3. The “out and in” technique (pull out eye slit and lower food in from above) looks less ladylike but is actually more practical. Not only do you savor the smell of bolognese sauce as it makes its way past your nostrils, but if you jut your lower jaw out far enough you can guarantee a 100% capture rate).

4. Use lots of napkins. Otherwise you end up looking like you’re in a Tarantino movie.

Fra the Religious Policeman

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