Paul Golding løsladt på betingelser – Jayda Fransen stadig i fængsel

It is no secret that the ‘Powers That Be’ are going all out to destroy Britain First, but, we are not going to let them!

Poor Jayda Fransen still has another two months in prison and as reported in the last message from HQ, Paul Golding has been silenced by repressive and disproportionate licence conditions which last another eight weeks.

Paul and Jayda are being treated like terrorists, while an estimated 23,000 known Islamist extremists are free to walk the streets of the UK.

You couldn’t make this nonsense up!

Paul and Jayda haven’t spoken to each other in over ten weeks as they are banned from communicating with each other.

Why is it, that in modern PC Britain, that Islamists are left alone to plot mayhem but patriots who love their country are treated like serious criminals?

Our legal representatives have been hard at work and have concluded that the licence conditions that have been imposed on Paul are over-the-top and disproportionate for such a minor offence.

They are gearing up for an imminent legal challenge in the High Court, called a ‘Judicial Review’.

If we can raise the £7,000 needed to take legal action then not only will Paul be instantly freed to carry on his legal democratic political activities, but the authorities won’t be able to impose the same conditions on Jayda for four and a half months after her release!

Britain First will be ‘up and running against very quickly, but we need your help to achieve this victory.

Thankfully, we are able once again to take online payments – and also cheques through the post.

Just think of the horrific ordeal that Paul and Jayda have been put through:

Brutal attacks by Muslim gangs while in prison, put into solitary confinement for weeks on end, banned from communicating with anyone other than immediate family members, the list goes on and on!

They do this purely because they love their country and want a future for your children and grand-children.

They struggle through against the odds to honour the sacrifice made by millions of elderly veterans in two World Wars to protect our country.

All we are asking you to do is to chip in to our legal fighting fund so we can remove the shackles from Paul and Jayda and teach the PC police bullies a lesson!

We cannot achieve all this without you  – it is time to step up to the mark!

Everyone who calls themselves a ‘patriot’ needs to rally around the colours and chip in with whatever they can – every penny counts.

Target: £7,000
Raised so far: £685
Recommended: Chip in £20

Please click on the link below to make an urgent contribution:

Likewise, if you’d prefer, please send a cheque, made payable to ‘Albion’ to our HQ address urgently:

PO Box 119, Swanley, Kent, BR8 9DY

Please do not make the cheque payable to ‘Britain First’ – make it payable to ‘Albion’, otherwise we will have to return it, unused.

I want to thank you in advance for your loyalty!


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