Præsident Trumps trusler om straftold på mexikanske varer begynder at virke

5% tolden træder i kraft på mandag, så mexikanerne er begyndt at få fingeren ud.

After both the United States and Mexico claimed to have had a ‘very good discussion’ to avert President Trump’s tariff threat – and the US weighing a delay over concerns that both sides wouldn’t be able to reach an agreement on all the measures Mexico would need to take to avert them, Mexico showed yet another act of good faith on Thursday – freezing the bank accounts of 26 alleged human traffickers. 

Mexican officials have pledged to deploy 6,000 National Guard troops to the country’s southern border with Guatemala. We wonder – will Congressional Democrats pounce on Mexico for this decision like they did when President Trump did it? 

In addition to the deployment of the National Guard, Mexico has promised to build more migrant detention centers and checkpoints to catch and deter northbound Central Americans.

One day after US and Mexican negotiators failed to reach a deal to prevent punitive US tariffs from going into effect over border security, Mexican soldiers, armed police and migration officials blocked hundreds of migrants after they crossed into Mexico from Guatemala in a caravan on Wednesday. 

Mexico is also cracking down on groups which help to facilitate illegal migration

2 Kommentarer

  1. Det var sandelig på tide at det virker.

    Men de der slipper igennem, bliver forhåbentlig bosat i de demokratiske stater, så de derved kan mærke følgerne af deres eget lort.

  2. Så Trump har fået Mexico til at betale for muren alligevel 🙂

    Godt nok en mur betydeligt sydligere, men med samme resultat 🙂
    mvh TrymfEs

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