Dhimmi Prins Charles går ind for forbud mod McDonalds

During a tour of a diabetes centre in the United Arab Emirates, Charles asked a nutritionist:

“Have you got anywhere with McDonald’s? Have you tried getting it banned? That’s the key.”

A spokeswoman for the Prince said he was simply promoting the “importance of a balanced diet, especially for children”.


Mere på The Sydney Morning Herald via DemocracyFrontline

Hvad bliver det næste? Ikke for at jeg spiser MCDonalds mad, men billedet viser, hvad dhimmi prinsen står for.

OPDATERING: Prins Charles’ egne produkter meget værre end McDonalds

“If the Prince of Wales is dismayed by the calorie-laden offerings of McDonald’s, he may be upset to learn that his own company’s alternatives are as bad or worse.

A Duchy Originals Organic Beef Cornish Pasty, a comparable convenience food, has 132 more calories than a Big Mac and is higher in salt and saturated fat.

Using the Government’s recommended “traffic light” labelling system, designed by the Food Standards Agency, the £1.79 pasty would carry a “red” warning for saturated fat.”

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