“Professional Development Webinar” for Pennsbury’s lærere(Feb 2021)

An inside look at what public school teachers in a large suburban school district outside of Philadelphia are expected to put inside the minds of students. What do you think about this? LIKE, SHARE, AND COMMENT! If you would like to make a political contribution to help remove Democrat politicians from public office who force taxpayers to finance their political views, I thank you. Please click: https://secure.winred.com/citizens-fo…

The video was released in response to a request for public records under PA’s Right to Know Law (RTKL). If you’d like me to run a Zoom webinar on how to use PA’s RTKL, let me know. If you live in other states, find out about your state’s open records law and use it. Journalists aren’t doing their jobs anymore. We have to become our own reporters.

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