Salget af små skydevåben i Tyskland øget med 250% på 4 år

As of today, close to 640,00 German citizens are legally permitted to carry a deterrent gun or similar self-defense weapon. To put things in perspective, in 2014, there were just 260,000.

That’s nearly a 250 percent increase in just five years.

“Other statistics show that as of January 2016, exactly 300 949 Small Weapons Cards had been issued, compared to 557 560 by the end of 2017. That’s an 85 percent increase in just under two years. If you hold this firearm license, you may carry Signal, Irritant, and Weapon Firearms in public,” Die Welt reports.

Currently, around 5.4 million weapons of differing categories are owned by private citizens in Germany. That amounts to 66 weapons per 1000 inhabitants.

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Det drejer sig om såkaldte ” Schreckschusspistolen,” der er gaspistoler, som er udformet, som kopier af ‘ægte’ pistoler men som ikke kan skyde med projektiler. Pistolerne kan være svære at skelne fra den ægte vare – selv af kendere.

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