Sex, drugs, dance and alcohol

The BBC News website learnt that some Muslims often cross the religious divide – under the cover of darkness – from the Sharia part of Kano to Sabon Gari for dancing, alcohol and sex.

“I often bring many of them here at night to drink,” says Mohammed, a taxi driver in the city.

“It’s an open secret, my brother. The code is thou shall not be caught,” he says with a knowing smile.

Mohammed wouldn’t say whether he also makes the nocturnal pilgrimage to the city’s pleasure island.

“As long as no-one sees you, you remain a good Muslim and the Hisbah can’t come after you.”

Via Dhimmi Watch

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  1. Hykleriet gælder kun for hankønnet, deres undertrykte hoved sække kvinder befinder sig trygt i klædeskabet derhjemme !

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