Sidste års Islamvasion er ved at bygge op til at blive en tsunami i år

On the same day we started sending back economic migrants to Turkey from Lesbos, Greece, Austria acknowledged that it is sending troops to the Brenner Pass where a new route has opened up – from Libya to Italy.

And the numbers of migrants on their way is truly awesome in size.

If 2014 was a flood, this is the year of the Tsunami. And if you thought the last migrants were just mostly young, single men – this lot are almost exclusively so.

Austria is preparing to defend itself. Italy is about to become the new Greece.


The German Development Minister, Gerd Muller, says eight to ten million migrants are on their way; currently collecting on the Libyan coast, waiting for the human traffickers to organise the containers on ships to pack them in to.

Make no mistake. Syrians are not just sitting at the border with Turkey waiting for something to happen. They are taking the long road and a different path to ‘freedom’.

As 260 willing souls leave Greek islands for Turkey under the eyes of the world’s press, eight to ten million more desperadoes are on their way to Germany a new route through the Med. How much more will it take to admit Schengen has collapsed?

Build your walls, close your borders and protect your children. North Africa is on its way.

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Ganske rigtigt – en af overskrifterne i aftenens TV-Avis: 202 ‘flygtninge’ sendes tilbage til Tyrkiet!

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