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The dangerous rise of climate censorship

Stop Funding Heat has pressured a newspaper to delete a series of eco-sceptical articles.

Six retweets. That is all the censorship campaign, Stop Funding Heat, needed to have a series of articles taken down by a major British news website and erased from the web. The activists also extracted a groveling apology from the paper’s editor, who promised not only to join the campaign, but also implied his journalists would stop reporting negatively on their cause and would no longer hold them to account.

Stop Funding Heat is a spinoff of campaign group Stop Funding Hate, which pressures advertisers to withdraw funding from newspapers and media outlets which publish articles it disagrees with. Stop Funding Heat is a mysterious outfit which appeared online in 2019. According to its Facebook page, it aims to ‘defund’ and de-platform its ideological opponents in order to make criticisms of green politics ‘unprofitable’. It has no official website and only a Gmail contact address. Yet it has managed to solicit a swift response from a major newspaper.

‘As soon as I became aware of these stories I removed them as they fail to reflect our direction of travel in pursuing a greener, environmentally friendly agenda’, Gary Jones, editor-in-chief of the Daily Express and Express Onlinetold the DeSmog climate blog after he was contacted by Stop Funding Heat. ‘The Express is committed to promoting green issues and reporting on developments in the ongoing battle to combat climate change, and bring real, sustainable change to the way we all lead our lives. I am absolutely determined to report positively on efforts not only to make Britain greener, but to look at the global picture which impacts on us all’, he added.

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  1. Da kommentering på Snaphanen er lukket:

    Afsæt hystader og magtfuldkomne.

    At et politisk flertal har set indgreb og restriktioner som mulige er beklageligt og viser der i den grad mangler grænser for politikeres udfoldelse.

    Tvangslukninger, fyringer, konkurser, gældsstiftelse og økonomisk nedtur for tusinder i et omfang og størrelsesorden der ikke er set.

    Som under sidste besættelse er politikere flest ansvarsfrie støttende udvalgte.
    Minkbrancens likvidering, tilskud til diverse betales i den sidste ende alle af skatteyderne, hvoraf en del forhindres i deres arbejde.

    Kun et andet flertal vil kunne lave lovene om.
    Stem venligst disse andre ind.

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