Terror suspects who want to avoid jail should quit Canada, says Day

OTTAWA (CP) – Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says there's an easy way for foreign-born terror suspects to avoid spending years in jail in Canada- just agree to go back where they came from.

In a spirited defence of federal deportation policy, Day insisted Monday that Ottawa would be happy if anyone deemed a security threat would leave the country voluntarily.

"If they say no and they want to stay, they can start an appeal process that usually takes a few years," Day said outside the Commons.

"We can't allow a person who has been deemed a significant security threat to be free. So they are put in detention just while the appeal process runs its course. At any time they can leave, walk out, and return to their country of origin."

Critics say voluntary departure isn't a realistic option for people who have often fled to Canada precisely because they feared torture in their homelands because of their political beliefs.

But Day was unmoved by that argument.

"They may or they may not (face torture)," he said. "There are times when people claim refugee status and in fact, on investigation, they're not granted refugee status."

Fra Yahoo News via DemocracyFrontline

Dørene begynder stille og roligt at lukke sig for folk, der misbruger vestens tillid.

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  1. Stockwell Day was formerly the low-key leader of the Canadian Alliance Party, a western Canadian conservative party that split conservatism in Canada into two smaller parties. When they reunited, and changed leaders, they won in the last election, and we now have a Conservative government again.

    Day is a very devout Pentacostal, and a refreshingly principled politician, in my opinion.

    The canadian media constantly mis-represents him as a religious maniac, because of his christianity, when in fact he’s a rather calm and smart fellow.
    It is genuinely reassuring to read him making statements like this. He is believable.

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