The financial relationship between George Galloway and the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq

Investigations, that presented persuasive evidence showing that Galloway’s front organization, a “charity” known as the Mariam Appeal that campaigned against the sanctions on Iraq, had in fact received direct Iraqi subventions from the proceeds of the U.N.-sponsored “Oil for Food” program.

Bank records established that Galloway’s former wife had been paid at least $150,000 in this way. A completely separate U.N. inquiry chaired by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker* identified another “Oil for Food” payment to the same lady, this time in the sum of $120,000.


An inquiry was set up, by the Committee on Standards and Privileges, to investigate. It has now produced its report, along with a recommendation that Mr. Galloway apologize to the House and be suspended from Parliament for 18 days. And the findings of the report are even more damning, if that is possible, than the conclusions reached by the Senate and Volcker investigations. In particular, they make reference to the transcript of a meeting between Galloway and Saddam Hussein on Aug. 8, 2002. On that date, Galloway complained to his political master—the man he had saluted in public for his “courage” and “indefatigability”—that certain problems with oil prices were affecting “our income” and “our dues.”

Mere af Christopher Hitchens på Slate også om såkaldte europæiske ‘freds-politikere.


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