The first cartoon war victim

Not many of us realize that The Jyllands-Posten Cartoonists were not the first victims of the cartoon war between the Western Democracies and Islam.

A young Israeli citizen, Tatiana Sushkin, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, was arrested in June 1997 by the Israeli police for trying to attach one of her drawings, which depicted Muhammad as a pig on one of the Hebron shops.


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  1. look who ever draw this picture for islam relegion can i ask wht do u even know about this relegion and abouy its prophet how ever just be sure i say 4 every one thought it is funny or helped in puplishing this picture you will regret and let me tell u little challenge if u read about islam u will be amuslim and u will wish to kill every one made a joke about it .so can u do it and i will accept this challenge

  2. What I know about this religion: 900 churches destroyed in Indonesia, 112 churches destroyed in Kosovo, Bibles used for toilet paper. What kind of people are you?
    What would you say if christians destroyed mosques and used koran for toiletpaper?
    Compared to this a drawing is nothing at all.

  3. JUST ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE .” U have to read waht is islam who do that for bibles Because Muslims bealive That The Bible Include words form god .

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