Tommy Robinson – topterrorist

Promo For The Rape Of  Britain – January 1st at 8PM – EXCLUSIVE ON GETTR
CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!If you haven’t already done so, download GETTR, links to download from the App Store and Google Play are at the bottom of this email.

On the 1st of January I will be releasing the promo of ‘The Rape Of Britain’ at 8pm UK time, this promo will be aired EXCLUSIVELY on GETTR, nowhere else!!!

So come and join me on the 1st of January, once the promo has been aired I will go live on GETTR again to take any questions you may have. It does seem to me that the British establishment are somewhat concerned about this documentary, they should be to be honest. I have been placed on the Sun newspapers ‘top 20 terror list’. That tells me the British state and its media machine is in panic mode, they decided to put me on a par with the worlds very worst Islamic terrorists and Neo Nazi types, you couldn’t make it up could you???

Still, its free advertising I suppose 🙂

So join me on GETTR  on the 1st of January from 8pm UK time for a LIVE Q&A session after the promo has aired.

I want to thank you all for your continued support, you give me the strength and the encouragement I need to do what I do.
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 Nothing can stop what is coming….


See you on the 1st of January, 8pm, on GETTR, all you need to do to find me is search for this username – @TommyRobinson1.

The Sun: Tommy Robinson er lidt mindre farlig end Hezbollah, Hamas, Talban, Islamisk Stat, al-Qaeda


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