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  1. Fra Curmudgeon:

    I’m also convinced that many thousands of people who are legal, registered voters who don’t show up election day voted just the same. I’ve been watching poll closing times in 2012, 2013, and 2014 elections in key swing states. In Repub districts, most of the vote results were in within one to two hours of poll closing time. While the poll closings were almost all 7 pm, in heavily Dem districts, the results did not come in until 11 pm to 2 am in the morning, all favoring the Dems.
    I once read an inside account of voting in Chicago, and the same method applies anywhere once polls are closed:
    A group of Dem operatives watches the returns from the efficient Repub precincts, in early, and determine how many votes are needed to win the election.
    They then scan the voter roll sheets in a closed room, pick out all the no-shows, mark them off as voted and fill out a ballot to suit the Dems. If you think about it, with a 35-50% voter turnout, there’s plenty of available no shows to be voted to just tip the election to the Dem(s).
    Having seen pics of voting rooms with Uhbama posters on the wall, election officials with Uhbama hats and T-shirts, I have absolutely no doubt that was done in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Detroit and northern Virginia among other places.
    Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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