Tyskland: AfD i kamp med amerikansk museum over valgannonce

The Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, US, has lashed out at the right-wing Alternative for Germany party (AfD) for using the 1866 painting “Slave Market” by Jean-Leon Gerome for posters of their European election campaign. The work of art, kept in the US museum and depicting a Muslim-looking dark-skinned slave trader with a lighter-skinned, apparently enslaved, young woman, appeared in Berlin’s streets with the captions “Europeans vote AfD!” and “So Europe doesn’t become Eurabia!”

“We strongly condemn the use of the painting to advance AfD’s political stance and have written them insisting that they cease and desist from using this painting”, museum director Olivier Meslay stated, adding the Clark institute owns the work of art and “did not supply this image to the AfD Berlin”.

However, he also admitted that “there are no copyrights or permissions that allow us to exert control over how it is used other than to appeal to civility on the part of AfD Berlin”, Meslay noted, as cited by the German outlet Deutsche Welle.

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  1. Et meget sigende og rigtigt forudset scenarie. Det er det vore børnebørn kan se frem til. Og er det virkelig det, de politisk korrekte sataner synes, de har ret til at nedkalde over de uskyldige?

  2. “We strongly condemn the use ……”. Jeg håber da at AfD har sendt en besked der lyder ” We don´t care”

  3. Der er da netop et godt eksempel på at kunst kan bruges til andet end at falde i svime
    over,så jeg bifalder at AfD bruger maleriet.
    Jens O.Chris

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