UK: 9 kulturberigere idømt 132 års fængsel for grooming og voldtægt af 2 mindreårige piger

The victims were aged 14 when the paedophiles used drink, drugs and violence to groom and sexually abuse them in hotel rooms in Bradford. Sentencing the gang, Judge Durham Hall said: “The damage and hurt you have caused for your sexual pleasure has been revealed to all, and the lengths some of you went to corrupt and groom a girl are truly appalling. “The jury have seen this case for what it was – clear, determined and insidious grooming.” Kama Melly QC, prosecuting, told the court how the girls had been “vulnerable to manipulation” prior to being subjected to sickening abuse at the hands of the men “to satisfy their sexual desires”. The teenagers repeatedly ran away from their local authority home in Bradford, but because it was not a restrictive unit, the staff had no power to stop them leaving late at night, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Mere her.

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Asian sex gang supporters threaten to rape female lawyers

SUPPORTERS of a depraved Asian sex gang targeted two female prosecutors outside a court room, hurling abuse and telling them: “Hope you get raped.”

‘Asian’ betyder som sædvanlig ‘muslim’!

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