UK: Britain First vinder over valgkommissionen – bliver nu et politisk parti

We have some spectacular news for all Britain First supporters today.

At 2pm this afternoon, HQ received an email from the Electoral Commission.

The Britain First application to be registered as a political party has been APPROVED!

Britain First can now fight elections and is a fully fledged political party, just like the rest of them.

This is our registration page on the Electoral Commission website:

It has taken nine applications over four years – including a High Court case – to finally get the Electoral Commission to do the right thing.

We have waited six months but finally we have been approved.

This is a stupendous victory for the Britain First movement.

We have fought long and hard against unbelievable corruption and leftist bias to get to this point.

Britain First can start building an elections machine capable of taking on the treacherous Old-Gang parties.

Local council elections take place on Thursday 5th May 2022 and we can begin the task of building the electoral arm of our party.

We couldn’t have got this far without your support.

Our supporters have donated huge amounts so we could fight the Electoral Commission inside and outside of court for four years solid.

Today is the day that we triumph over the corrupt Electoral Commission and British democracy is restored.

This day will go down in British history as a landmark day for liberty and democracy.

We have struck a mighty blow against the establishment plan to bar patriotic political parties from fighting elections.

The voters can vote for who they choose, not the narrow line-up of approved leftist parties they wanted you to.

Personally, I am ecstatic that we have finally defeated the Electoral Commission.

But as head of this movement, I am utterly certain this victory really belongs to the legions of donors who chipped in so we could launch legal attack after attack.

The first ten years of our history as a movement will always be recognised as a torrent of activities that led to international recognition and millions of social media followers.

Although our street activities will continue, this day marks the birth of Britain First as a traditional political party that will take the fight to the establishment through the ballot box.

From the very bottom of my British heart, I thank all of you who contributed to this enormous victory over the establishment.

There will be a lot of leftist tears across the country!

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Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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  1. Ha Ha, så fik demagogerne endelig lidt modstand. Alt det bedste til Britain First .

    De vil selvfølgelig stadig blive kaldt nazister og andre grimme ting så lad Os se hvor meget indflydelse de i virkeligheden får. Jeg har på fornemmelsen at de skal kæmpe for hver eneste udsagn de kommer med i fremtiden.

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