UK: Redaktør af filosofitidsskrift fyret for at sige at kvinder ikke har en penis

Not even atheist humanists are safe from the long, punishing arms of the transgender mafia. Recently, Angelos Sofocleous was fired from his job at Durham University’s philosophy journal Critique for retweeting a tweet that fellow students called “transphobic.” The tweet in question included a link to an article from the Spectator called “Is it a crime to say ‘women don’t have penises’?” The article is about women’s activists who had police called on them for placing stickers saying as much around their city in protest of men usurping women’s rights.

In a typical 2018 overreaction, Sofocleous’s retweet of that article caused great gnashing of teeth and loud weeping in the outrage corners of the internet. As a result, Sofocleous was dismissed from his position at the Durham publication and forced to resign as president-elect of the Humanist Students group. “Humanists,” Sofocleous told PJM, “strive to have a rational and logical approach in life, and face issues with evidence and claims, not with belief and faith. As such, humanists have trust in the scientific method, which they believe to be the only source of truth in the world.”

Mere her.

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